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Designed to entertain anyone, anywhere, at any kind of event, we are proud to present Oyster Opera! With a firm commitment to bringing opera to all, Oyster Opera are delighted to sing at a Fair, Festival, National Trust Property, school, shopping centre, restaurant, High Street or in your sitting room, hall, garden, a marquee or on a podium, up on a scissor-lift, on a stage or just right in front of you on the street . ANYWHERE!

Oyster Opera was created in order to bring the magic of opera off the distant stage and closer to the public. Maybe you thought opera was boring!!? Well, people never forget the experience of oyster opera - it's not every day you encounter a professional opera singer at such close range, let alone be invited to waltz along with the soprano to Verdi's Brindisi, or be enveloped by a smouldering Carmen, or have a charming, budding Pavarotti serenade you on one knee!

Oyster Opera have been delighting audiences of all ages for several years now, and it's certainly not just for the opera buffs! Oyster Opera is unique - they combine beautiful singing with having fun, and a good dose of audience participation - which of course is optional. Oyster think opera can and could be enjoyed by everyone - they are always keen to involve children in the act, as it's often the first time they have heard an operatic voice - they become transfixed and the effect is truly magical.

How about Oyster Opera's Gondola? We can traverse the lawns or parade up and down the pavement at your festival or event. The Gondola comes with your choice of singers in fancy operatic costumes, in any combination - of course the chaps are good at the punting bit.

Oyster Opera has sung at celebrity parties (Elton John, Matthew Parris, Aldo Zilli) and for Royalty (HRH The King of Jordan and the Royal Family of the UAE) as well as maintaining a busy corporate entertainment schedule and singing at weddings and birthday parties, anniversary parties, product launches, etc. They have entertained at small, intimate dinners (our smallest audience of just two was a marriage proposal!) and at black tie dinners for over a thousand. We have graced many a dazzling ballroom, but we are equally at home singing in a village hall, a local restaurant or in your own back garden.

Another major part of Oyster Opera is producing performances of whole operas. Every year we mount a new production and add it to our repertoire for touring to wherever anyone desires us to perform. We sing predominantly in the original language, with fully adaptable Set and period costumes - generally with piano, or with piano and quartet accompaniment, as required.

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Oyster Opera was founded by Fiona Oliver-Smith (nee Tanner) with the aim of making the wonderful experience of opera available to a wider audience. So many people have never even thought of buying a ticket for an opera house, and never will - but are absolutely overwhelmed by the beauty and power of an operatic voice at close quarters.

Fiona was Administrator of the Henley Festival from 1988-1990, and founded Garden Opera in 1993 (directing for 2 years), while studying with Gustave Sacher and at the Mayer-Lismann Opera Centre. She handed the company over to Jane Haughton and (later Peter Brid g es) when she went to study at City University and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama for her BSc (Hons) in Music.

Fiona graduated in 1998 and set up Oyster Opera to specialize in performing in the original language and in period costume. Later, to meet demands, she branched out into the corporate, private parties, street & summer festivals and weddings markets.

See www.fionaoliversmith.com