Who are Oyster Opera?

Our opera performances can be enjoyed by everyone – it’s certainly not just for the opera buffs! We combine beautiful singing with humour, and a good dose of audience participation (optional, of course). People never forget the experience of encountering a professional opera singer at such close range, let alone being invited to waltz along with the soprano to Verdi’s Brindisi, or be enveloped by a smouldering Carmen, or have a charming, budding Pavarotti serenade you on one knee!

Our Oyster Opera team comprises of professionally trained singers that have performed on some of the world’s most prominent opera stages. Having worked together for many years, our rapport and dynamic makes our performances truly special and unique.

Along with the singing and entertainment, our experience in event management is essential to the success of your event – the devil is in the detail! We are equipped with an established infrastructure, transportation arrangements, trustworthy staff and organisational skills that equally match our high performance standards.

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Meet our team

Oyster Opera was founded by Fiona Tanner Baldwin with the aim of making the wonderful experience of opera available to a wider audience.

Fiona Tanner Baldwin, Oyster Opera – Photo by Frances Marshall

So many people have never even thought of buying a ticket for an opera house, and never will – but are absolutely overwhelmed by the beauty and power of an operatic voice at close quarters. This is the reason that Oyster Opera was founded.

Fiona was Administrator of the Henley Festival from 1988-1990, and founded Garden Opera in 1993 (directing for 2 years), while studying with Gustave Sacher and at the Mayer-Lismann Opera Centre. She handed the company over to Jane Haughton (and later Peter Bridges) when she went to study at City University and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama for her BSc (Hons) in Music.

Fiona graduated in 1998 and set up Oyster Opera to specialize in performing in the original language and in period costume. Later, to meet demands, she branched out into the corporate, private parties, street & summer festivals and weddings markets.

Find out more about Fiona Tanner Baldwin on her artist website: fionatannerbaldwin.com


Soprano Alenka Ponjavic has performed all over the world and on the most prominent UK stages.

Antonio Perez-Iranzo, tenor – Photo Frances Marshall


Spanish Tenor and Intensive Care Pediatrician, Antonio has a voice few can resist.


British mezzo soprano Kathryn Hannah has performed characters such as Carmen, to ladies-in-waiting and nuns!

Paul Hopwood tenor


British tenor Paul has a particular reputation for covering contemporary and challenging repertoire.

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