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soprano/tenor duo

James and Fiona have been delighting audiences throughout the UK and abroad. Whether for a large corporate 'do', a summer festival, Placido Domingo's private dinner party, or a Diamond Wedding Celebration, these two singers are delivering a very special show. Their natural talent for entertaining by performing and sharing the wonderful music they sing is complimented not only by their delightful humour but also their sensitivity and innate ability to gauge just how much to involve the audience.

James and Fiona are just as happy entertaining the older generations as the younger ones, and are equally successful in getting their attention and keeping it! Their show is full of spontaneity and they work well, on the spot, with whatever the audience or guests present!

Their Programme includes all the old favourites and can be adjusted to include more West End show or old time show pieces than opera, or the other way around. Fiona and James are very happy to consider specific song requests.

Fiona and James perform regularly at The Grand Hotel President, Sorrento, Italy ; Tentazioni, Bermondsey, London ; Brasserie St. Jacques, St James's, London , and various other national and international venues - see the Myspace link for dates and details.

"Thank you so much to you and to James for your contribution to our Diamond Wedding celebration. Everything about it was outstanding and really made the whole event very special for us all. The programme was excellent, the delivery fabulous but most of all the way you personalized the whole thing was particularly appreciated. Apologies for all the uncontrollable blubbing but this was an emotional event for us all."

See: www.myspace.com/oysterluxe or view the showreel in our sound and video gallery.

Tel: 07770 631 431
Email: oysterluxe@aol.com



Yet another great idea from oyster opera.

Tourists and residents are out shopping wandering around the town shopping centre, on to the historic castle ramparts, or outside the bank in the market square and suddenly, in front of Macdonalds, or by a fountain, is an auditorium of chairs - not too many, say 30 set in a square shape on coloured flooring - and a small one foot high stage. A discreet sign on a stand advertises the time and content of the show : 1.00pm, Today, Act One, La Boheme by Flash-Opera. A couple of people start to sit down in anticipation.

Flash-opera arrives! A piano on wheels, a conductor, and a cast from the latest show.. They burst straight into, for example, La boheme , fully costumed, with minimal props and a mass of enthusiasm.

In various other spots around the location/city/town (for example, Bath , Chester or Norwich ) the same Site is created for the other Acts of the opera.

Flash-opera is providing the spectacle of opera, free and in bite sizes. No need to buy a ticket, no opera house to go into, the audience can join for a couple of minutes by standing around or sit down if they feel like it - and they can leave whenever they like.

We are hoping to generate interest with town and city councils and Festivals as part of a Summer programme of entertainment.

The Performance would be advertised through the Location/Festival/Event's leafleting/brochure/flyers and also by flyers that we produce which could be handed out in the area on the day.

See www.flashopera.co.uk (under construction).

Tel: 07770 631 431
Email: flashopera@aol.com



Somewhere to host your opera or evening's entertainment!

As part of oyster opera , we will be offering a Marquee with an opera - aiming at small places, such as villages or towns who don't have a suitable venue or who might be interested in a different summery venue; private houses who want to put on a big show and have a party; corporates who want to do something different and rather special.

The Marquee will be hire-able for just the opera performance/s or for longer to host parties, weddings, fetes, dog shows or whatever, perhaps for a week.

The Opera Marquee can also come with party lighting, sound system and DJ, the stage floor becoming the dance floor for parties.

From the outside the marquee will seem like a normal marquee, then once inside the auditorium at the Opera House is discovered, sumptuous in plush red and gold fittings. Every part of The Opera Marquee and the performance is adjustable to the client's needs, dependent upon the number and type of guests, the comfort, the audio experience. Just call to find out more details.

Tel: 07770 631 431
Email: theoperamarquee@aol.com